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MultiWii Platform Config tool for MultiWii version 2.0

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Author : Dani Saez // Updated & Modified by PatrikE

MultiWii Model:Information InformationSelect your model.:
Min Throttle(*)InformationInformationSet a value to get a safe "Idle speed".:
Type your value or simply click on the right
1300 (for Turnigy Plush ESCs 10A)
1120 (for Super Simple ESCs 10A)
Max Throttle(*)InformationInformationLeave playroom up to 2000 to be able to maintain controol at full throttle.

This is a way to still have good gyro corrections if at least one motor reaches its max.
Max value 2000
Min. ESC Command(*)Information InformationValue sent to the ESCs when they are not armed to stop engines.: This is the value for the ESCs when thay are not armed
In some cases, this value must be lowered down to 900 for some specific ESCs
Yaw Correction DirectionInformationInformationIf Yaw direction is wrong Reverse here.: Normal
I2C SpeedInformation InformationI2C communication speed.: 100kHz normal mode, genuine WMP & some clones
400kHz fast mode, some WMP clones & Jussis IMU
internal I2C pull ups:InformationInformationEnables the internal Pullup on I2C port. Check to enable internal I2C pull ups
Trusted AccZInformationInformationIf AccZ isn't disturbed when motors are running.
It is possible to Enable Trusted_AccZ.
Check to enable Trusted_AccZ If Acc Z is accurate enough when motors are running
InflightAccCalibrationInformationInformationA methode to calibrate Level calibration InFlight.
More inormation can be found on the forum.
Check to enable InflightAccCalibration

Sensorboards & AllinOne Flight controllers.

BoardsInformationInformationSensorboards with Predefined settings & AllinOne Flight controllers: Sensorboards & AllinOne:

Separate Breakout board Sensors.

Gyro & MagInformationInformationIf separate sensors or Breakout boards are used
Select your sensors here otherwise leave as None.
Gyro.: Mag.:
Accels & BaroInformationInformationIf separate sensors or Breakout boards are used
Select your sensors here otherwise leave as None.
Acc.: Baro.:

Radio settings.

Serial Sum PPM:InformationInformationif you use a Reciever with PPM signal out.
Select a radio channelorder who match your radio or define one.

Leave blank if you dont use PPM SUM
Normal receiver without PPM SUM
Special receiver typesInformation Informationspecial receiver types supported by MWii.: Spectrum works only when satellite is used:


Controll via BlueTooth !! EXPERIMENTAL !!

Check if normal recivers is used:

Tricopter TailServoInformationInformationAdjust ServoMid to hover without turning in YAW.
Adjust Max & Min endpoints.
Min:     Max:     Middle:

Advanced Optional Settings.

AUX2 RC PWM inputInformationInformationIf normal reciver is used(One cable/Channel) AUX2 can be assigned to Pin 8 or 12.:     For using AUX2 witout PPM
Gyro SmoothingInformationInformationIf you cannot reduce vibrations and the servos feel nervous.
You may try this gyro smoothing via averaging.
Good results for helicopter, airplanes and flying wings (foamies) with lots of vibrations.
Not suitable for multicopters!
!! Not suitable for Multirotors !!
Check to enable Gyro Smoothing
ROLL:    NICK:    YAW:
Neutralize Delay(*): When there is an error on I2C bus, we neutralize the values during a short time. expressed in microseconds
Interleaving Delay(*): Delay in micro seconds between 2 readings WMP/NK in a WMP+NK config
If the ACC calibration time is very long (20 or 30s), try to increase this delay up to 4000
Serial Interface SpeedInformation InformationThis is the speed the Gui communicates via serial interface.
115200 kbit/s is the best option for a USB connection.
   115200 is suitable with USB.
Low pass filterInformation InformationFilter nice from Gyros
Ex. Vibrations from the frame

LCD Configuration.

LCD Config FunctionsInformation InformationEnable If you want to config your model via LCD.: Check to enable LCD Configuration Functions (Uncheck to save space)
LCD modelInformation InformationSelect the specific Lcd you will use.: Serial LCD's:
LCD_SERIAL3W: Alex initial variant
CW-LCD-02: Catīs Whisker LCD_TEXTSTAR Module
VT100 compatible terminal emulation (blueterm, putty, etc.)

I2C LCD's:
Eagle Tree Power Panel I2C LCD

There is more LCD functions in the code
Motor StopInformation InformationEnables the engines to stop when throttle is at Low position: Check to enable stop motors when throttle command is in low position
LEVEL_PDFInformation InformationPseudo-derivative conrtroller for level mode (experimental): Check to enable LEVEL_PDF
Middle RC value(*)Information InformationAdust this value if your radion dont have 1500 with neutral inputs.: Some radios do not have a neutral point centered on 1500. This can be changed here.
GPSInformation InformationEnable different compatible Gps units.: none
GPS_SERIALInformation InformationSet the Serialport and Baurate for SerialConnected Gps on Mega boards
Serialport: BaudrateInformation InformationThe speed the serialport uses at comunication. :
A0_A1_PIN_HEXInformation InformationUse PIN A0 and A1 instead of PIN D5 & D6 for 6 motors config and promini config.
This mod allow the use of a standard receiver on a pro mini
(no need to use a PPM sum receiver)
Check to enable A0_A1_PIN_HEX
LED-ringInformation InformationA DFRobot LED RING is a device with leds conneted thru I2C.: Check to enable LED_RING
Camera pitch/roll tilt stabilizationInformation InformationThe settings for gimbals for Til & Roll. : Check to enable the Camera Stabilization
Min. (min val >=1020):
Max. (max val <=2000):
Camera servoInformation InformationThe settings for using a Camera Servo trigger: Check to enable Camera Servo
Servo High state value:
Servo Low state value:
Servo High state duration (in ms):
Servo Low state duration (in ms):
V BAT monitoring:Information InformationBattery monitoing
See the battery status in Gui and LCD.
Check to enable Battery monitoring
VBATSCALEInformationInformationA calculated value based on the diffrence between
input and referencepoint between the resistors.
DeadbandInformation InformationCreates a Area around neutral on the sticks the radio if Potentiometers dont center perfect.
Or eliminates small movements on the sticks
Check to enable Deadband Deadband around the stick center, Must be greater than zero
More settings: Is comming....    Meanwhile all parameters is available to play with is in the generated Code

(*) Is Mandatory fields

Generated config code
Copy the code and Paste it in Config.pde

This MultiWii Configurator Is For MultiWii VERSION 2.0
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